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I apologize now for the excessive amount of book-related posts and announcements that will be coming from me this month and next. But what’s a girl to do?

My book Dirty Girls Come Clean is releasing on Friday, April 1. And while I do keep pinching myself in disbelief—it’s no April fool.

You, the beautiful community of Dirty Girls Ministries, have essentially been a part of this journey from day one. Because of that fact, I want to grace you with free copies of my book. And here’s your first chance to grab one.

HOWEVER, this is not simply a giveaway post. That will come a little later.

You see, my publisher has generously supplied me with a handful of books to give to those specifically interested in reading it and willing to write a review for placement on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book distributer websites.

I will have exactly 15 copies for this purpose.

If you are interested in receiving one of these free for-review copies—answer the following question in the comment section.

What was the last book you read all the way through?

If we receive more than 15 entries by the 10am (CST) cut-off on Friday, March 11, we will draw the recipients using



  1. Amy

    Last full book I read was Same Kind of Different as Me.

  2. Caitlyn Walters

    The last book I read all the way through was “No Longer at Ease” by Achebe for a school assignment about post- colonization Africa…besides school books, though, a few weeks ago I sat down and read “The Emotionally Destructive Relationship” by Leslie Vernick. It was actually really helpful, she explained some aspects of unhealthy relationships and then how to stand up for yourself if your in a relationship that is emotionally unhealthy.

  3. marianne

    I’d love a free copy to review!
    The last book I read all the way through was Alexander McCall Smith’s Friends, Lovers, Chocolate.

  4. Kim Campbell

    The last book I read was Counterfeit Gods. Great book on idolatry by the way.

  5. Drew Wohlford

    The last book I finished was “Between and Rock and a Hard Place” Rev. Tony Evans

  6. Tammy W.

    “Betrayal Bonds” by Patrick Carnes – great book for anyone who is or has been invoved in a codependant or dysfunctional relationship. Helped me to see why I used to always stick it out through a bad relationship, even when I knew I shouldn’t.

    I also just finished “The Novelist” by Angela Hunt, very interesting, totally nosexual story about a mother and her son who appears to be suffering from achoholism. It has an allegory story within the story and I found it hard to put down.

    Thanks –

  7. Veronica Ramos-Garcia

    I would love to read your book and review it. As a woman who also had a problem with porn and who was liberated through the grace of God I think your work will make a huge difference in the lives of countless women. I hope I am one of the persons chosen to have the honor of reading the book!! God bless you!!

  8. Holly Reinert

    Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson. The book which lead me to DGM. I would love to read and review your book!!! ;0)

  9. Amanda Porche

    The last books I read cover to cover and everything in between was “No Stones” by Marnie Ferree and “Permission to Speak Freely” by Anne Jackson.

  10. I could definitely write a review. I’ve recently started writing reviews of all the books I read.

    The last book I read all the way through was “The Discipline Book” by Dr. William Sears (finished a week or two ago).

  11. Liz Wright

    I would love a copy!

    The last book I read all the way through is “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte and right before that I read “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. I had never read them before!

  12. Hey I’d love to read your book and leave some great feedback on Amazon for you. The last book I read completely read through was just a few weeks ago: “Made to Crave” by lysa terkeurst.

  13. Chelsea Nelson

    Please send a free book my way! I would love to review it :) excited to see my story, among others, shared in this book.

    The last book I read all the way through was Ann Voskamp’s “one thousand gifts,” just finished it a couple days ago. I highly recommend it. Beauitifully written. Almost like poetry for the soul, challenging me to glorify Him in the small.

  14. Heather Chevalier

    The last book I read through was “The Enchanted April” by Elizabeth von Arnim

  15. Donna Fullerton

    The last book that I have read all the way thru is Temptations Women Face by Mary Ellen Ashcroft. I am very interested in your book because I am a Women’s Ministries leader at a large church. I facilitate a Sunday school class of 50 women and I know that this is an unspoken issue in many of our churches. I have found women who struggle with this issue and are in need of some ‘real’ help and support. Even if I do not receive this for free, it will be a book that I purchase for furthering the healing power of Jesus in women’s lives.

  16. Del Kroemer

    I would love a copy to review too, I love to read and writing is my job :-)

    The last book I read all the way through is “No Stones” by Marnie Ferree!

  17. Kitty

    I last read “So you don’t want to go to church anymore: an unexpected journey” by Jake larsen and “Get out of that pit” by Beth Moore


  18. Melissa

    All the way through? First Light by Rebecca Stead. (children’s lit major) :)

    I would be honored to review this book.

  19. The last book I read all the way through was Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller.

  20. Sami

    The last non-fiction book was The Truth About Sex by Kay Arthur. The last fiction book was The Angels Trilogy by Lurlene McDaniel.

  21. Garrett

    When Heaven Invades Earth: A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles by Bill Johnson

  22. Bekah S.

    I finished two books last week on the same day.
    Do You Think I’m Beautiful, by Angela Thomas and
    Freddy and Fredericka, by Mark Halprin.
    Both beautiful in their own way.
    I’m SO SO excited for you, Crystal!! What a testament to Jesus!!

  23. The last book that I read was Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.

    I would love to read and review your book on Amazon as well as other book sites.

  24. The last book I read was Thin Places by Mary DeMuth. The journey she walked was painful, but extremely helpful for me…. Would love to read and review your book as well. Thankful that you’ve stepped to be a light in a dark place, sounding the voice that needs to be heard.

  25. Natasha Lewis

    The last book I read all the way through was a law school casebook. But for fun, it’d have to be Redeeming Love last summer, before I started law school.

  26. The last book I read I just finished today. It’s called “The real cost of living : making the best choices for you, your life, and your money” by Carmen Wong Ulrich. Personal finance expert Carmen Wong Ulrich makes personal finance personal and really opened my eyes to the real costs of the common, everyday decisions we make in our lives. From marriage and family, career and investing to health and buying that morning latte, Carmen examines not just our financial motivations, but also our personal ones that can sometimes justify the cost or open your eyes to areas that need a change.

    I’ve also been a book reviewer in the past for Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and ASIS.

  27. Star Field

    The last thing I read start to finish was my mock trail notebook. The last thing for fun was Pushing Up Daisies by Jance Hanna, it is a murder mystery.

  28. I do a lot of simultaneous reading, so I’m not quite sure which book I finished most recently. It probably was Ayn Rand and the World She Made by Anne C. Heller (1910).

  29. I came across your site from Bust magazine a while back, and would love to review the book. The last book I read was Columbine, and I wrote an extensive review on my blog and on

  30. Heather

    The last book I read all the way through was “Dwelling”

  31. Last book I read cover to cover A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Don Miller

  32. Brittany

    The last book I read all the way through was “So Long A Letter” by Mariama Ba for school. Otherwise, rereading “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” was last :)

  33. The last book I read all the way through was The Forgotten Way of Jesus by Francis Leeman. Thank you for speaking to a topic that most wouldn’t have the courage to face. May God bless you and keep you.

  34. Natascha Gamble

    I honestly don’t remember the last book I read all the way through!

  35. Rebecca

    The last book I read was “Pure Heart,” by Shellie Warren. I am excited to get to read this one!

  36. Katie

    The last full book I read through was “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. It was such a beautiful book that reminded me of God’s abiding forgiveness and His mercy! And that no matter how many times I’ve failed Him and will fail Him, He will always take me back and call me back to His arms. <3 Can't wait to read your book! I'm so excited about it!!

  37. mhart

    I’d love to review your book. The last book I read was “O Pioneers!” by Willa Cather.

  38. The last book I read all the way through was The Once and Future King by TH White. I reread it every couple of years because I love Arthurian legend and the book has many merits for life as well.

  39. Alice

    It’d be lovely to have the opportunity to review your book. It’s nearly impossible to even mention this subject in the Asia context, but I would really like to find out more. The last book I read cover to cover was Children of Dune. :)

  40. Andrina

    Christian Family Guide to Parenting a Toddler

  41. Sandy Lawrence

    The last two books I read were Radical by David Platt and The Mind set on the Flesh Bill Prickett. I usually have five books going at a time.

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