Some Books Are Meant to Get Dirty

It’s rare that I’ll post video blogs. Even more rare that I record myself talking for 10 minutes (my talking voice is not my favorite thing). But today, I want to share with you the unlikely story of what happened to the very first copy of Dirty Girls Come Clean and how even I was challenged to think differently about the book I have written.

I hope it inspires you in the same way it did me.

Watch the video now… or see below it for more.

The video goes into greater detail—but in short—Dirty Girls Come Clean wasn’t written to be read once and placed on a self. It was written to be a tool for continued recovery for women with pornography and sexual addiction—and whatever other hang-ups we as women AND even men have in life. So we wanna see your dirty books.

If you own a copy of Dirty Girls Come Clean in which you’ve highlighted, underlined, dogeared or perhaps even spilled your coffee on… we wanna see it. Post your pictures to our Flickr group, or if you don’t have a Flickr login—you may email us your pictures. We will create a collage of the pictures submitted as a beacon of hope to the other women who are waiting in the wings for their turn to come clean.

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