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I wanted to take this opportunity to post a few direct quotes from just a few ladies from our online community. Read below how women are truly finding help, hope and healing from pornography and sexual addiction through our ministry… and ultimately… through complete surrender to Christ.

And here are some way you can support Dirty Girls Ministries so we can continue see even more testimonies like these:


We’re on the frontline of a battle the enemy thinks he’s already won. We know better.


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Help bring awareness of the growing issue of porn & sexual addiction among women. It’s not just a guy problem.

Crystal Renaud
Founder, Dirty Girls Ministries

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“God calls us to ‘love one another.’ What better place to receive love and prayer than through others who understand what I have struggled with?”


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“By being open about brokenness and the need for complete surrender to God, Dirty Girls Ministries gave me the amazing gift of going second.”


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“Dirty Girls Ministries helped me to realize that I can overcome this addiction and walk in the freedom God has intended for my life.”


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“Dirty Girls Ministries showed me that I was not alone in my struggles and has constantly been a loving community, full of supportive sisters in Christ.”


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“Dirty Girls Ministries has amazed me with the awareness that as a woman, I am not alone in sexual addiction and it has uplifted me in accountability with an honest, Christian community.”


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“Dirty Girls Ministries has shown me that I’m not a freak, I’m not the only girl who struggles with these issues and there’s a safe place for me to share my story without being judged.”


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“Dirty Girls Ministries helped me take the first step in recovery after 10 years in bondage when I finally let God shine a light into an area of my life marked by hopelessness and shame.”


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“There are no words to describe how impacting Dirty Girls Ministries has been on my recovery.”


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