iPhones/iPads: Did You Know?

Nearly 1 in 5 searches made from mobile devices are for adult material.

We at DGM love our iPhones and iPads. But we also love our accountability.

Did you know that the new Apple operating system allows users to browse the web in secret? This new feature is called Private Browsing and is easily enabled under settings. In addition to this, browsing history can also be selectively deleted. Meaning, a user can remove the sites they don’t others to see they visited. The history feature is special to the iPhone 5, but the private browsing feature has been around for a while and is included in iOS update for iPhone 4 or 4s and iPad.

Obviously, we don’t bring this to your attention to give you tips! We want you, as an accountability partner, parent or employer, to know the new risk factors to your friends and family’s online integrity. And for you to share these risk factors with your accountability partner if these new features are temptations for you.

There’s help. If you want to take your accountability and browsing integrity a step further, our friends Covenant Eyes and XXXChurch both have internet browsing apps. You may also disable Safari to remove temptation and solely use these apps for your web browsing.


  1. Amy

    Definitely something I’m concerned about in our home. We have multiple iPhones, iPads, macs. I have attempted to enable restrictions and install safe browsers but do not have the support of my husband on this idea. Other than a safer browser, is there anything else I can do to stay on top of this?

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