The Best of 2012

Take a moment to check out our most popular blog posts of 2012… and let us know what you would like to read here in 2013. As part of our newly launched WHOLE Women Ministries, we are redesigning this space to become a place for women writers to share on a variety of women’s issues. If you would like to contribute a piece, contact us!


  • Fifty Shades: Not Your Mother’s Romance Novel
    • “It’s not a shirtless man with a big busted woman on the cover anymore. And it’s not a woman being seduced by the stable boy in the barn. From what I’ve researched about this series of books, the main sexual themes throughout are BDSM (bondage/discipline/sadism/masochism), control, violence, damage from childhood abuse, etc.” —read more
  • What if We’re Single on Purpose?
    • So we almost develop this kind of complex that we’re just not complete until we’re married. That life really doesn’t begin until after marriage. That we don’t really count until we’re married. That we just don’t… measure… up. —read more
  • WHOLE: from Same-Sex Attraction
    • For years, my conscience was tormented and torn between disapproving God and embracing my homosexual identity. I felt I had only two choices. I could live a double life and repress my true feelings for same sex attractions and pretend to be a heterosexual, or live openly, honestly as a lesbian and take the chance of condemnation. —read more
  • When Porn Gets Personal
    • It all seemed so sudden. So hasty. Many replied to her announcement. Encouraging her to make a better choice. Some even offering to come get her. But as the week progressed, much of her story wasn’t quite lining up and our team began to do some research. —read more
  • Breaking Free: Sundi Jo’s Story
    • I picked up the church laptop and within seconds my eyes were fixated on the familiar images that had comforted me thousands of times before. God quickly snapped me back into reality. I picked up the laptop and threw it across the room. I had reached a new low in my depression. —read more


  1. Honored to have written this post for you to share with others. Here’s to a great 2013 full of freedom!

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