true obedience

you ever truly been obedient? i mean that… truly … no hindrance…
no second guessing… no whining… no questions asked… just obedient… flat out obedient right away…?

i can honestly say i have never done that.

was never and am not rebellious by nature but sin always seems to enter
in my decision-making when it comes to obedience. not quote, "BAD SIN"
— just the discontent in not wanting to do something. when i am first
told to do a particular thing i really don’t want to do or really don’t
feel like doing i turn into a two-year old – in the middle of Wal-Mart
– throwing myself to the floor in a dramatic fashion – just to prove my
point of dissatisfaction. (i obviously don’t actually do this
physically – but it is definitely being played out in my mind)

think it goes back to my lack of respect for authority figures… no
just kidding… but there is rarely a time when i am asked to do an
uncomfortable thing that i don’t first think in my head, "whyyyyyy?" or
just plain, "nooooo" first. i may not vocalize it – but the two-year
old Crystal is screaming and kicking on the inside.

if a child were to actually do this – of course they would get a
time-out or even GROUNDED for their total disobedience to the one
giving the desired instruction. So, we choose to follow the instruction
for fear of punishment… feet dragging of course… but nonetheless we
do it and pretend we’re ok with it… maybe we’ll just a piece of

a child to a parent we are fearful of the punishment for not obeying so
why as a children of God do we disobey Him so quickly and easily? we
fall to the floor kicking and screaming so long that we pretend He
forgot He asked us or He is tired of hearing us… when in fact He is
the only One who actually is still there waiting for us to do what we
know we were asked to do. He doesn’t forget and most of the time He
doesn’t change His mind.

obedience is ultimately freeing.
although it is hard and the road to get there can be long and windy…
there is a reason for why we are forced down the uncomfortable road.
there is a reason why He asks us to pick up our heavy cross and follow

"And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:27


  1. claudia

    I am speechless! Thank you! I love you pink haired girl!

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