vacation all i ever wanted, vacation had to get away…

that’s right… i am going on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!

people, i haven’t been on a REAL vacation in all of my life… so that includes all of my almost 22 years of living. sure i’ve gone on family trips to see family and one time i spent a week in an impoverish mexico city… but no disney world, no grand canyon, no washington, d.c. nothing. i’ve been a “grown up” with a “grown up” job for almost 3 years…. and haven’t taken a real vacation or any fun time off… so it’s time. yes, it’s time.

where am i going you ask? THE BAHAMAS!!!!! i am going on a cruise… when i do something i go all out. keep that in mind. i leave monday morning at 6:00am… please pray for safe travel and pray that i don’t fall off the ship. seriously… i am nervous about that.

dst_baham_palmbeach_img_175.jpg  dst_cca_fullview_img_175.jpg

it is my hope that i will come home refreshed and ready to attack my life. like finally buy another car. prepare myself for moving out of the parent’s house. become self-reliant. how nice will that be? i look at this cruise like i would a college senior trip. because of my “grown up” job i chose not to stay in school full time so technically i should be a senior in college, but i am not. 

this marks the end of my little girl days. i know i have been in the adult world for almost 3 years with working full time, but there is so much about me that is still a little girl that needs to be shed.

yay for growth. boo for growing up.

depending on the cost of the business center on the cruise, i may or may not post while i am gone. please leave me love notes! :)


  1. Yay for vacations!!! I am very excited about our trip!!!! And the business center charges 10 cents a minute for internet use….

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