sunday, september 24th @ 2:45am…

ok so i have always been a crazy heavy packer when it comes to vacation, camp, etc. well for the first time ever i am unable to make everything fit!! grr… i’ve never been on a cruise or out of the country like this before so of course my “worst case scenario” packing skills are in full force. i am looking through my stuff and i can’t seem to find anything to leave behind… i have to have clothes for the day, recreation and night life… plus sleepware.

so, i have one suitcase consisting of only clothing for the week. the other suitcase (which is smaller) has to carry my unmentionables, toiletries and shoes… but it won’t hold that much… 9 pairs of shoes isn’t too many right?
tips, advice, hurry!!! AHHH!!!!


  1. more than likely they will have laundry facilities on the ship…only bring a couple day’s worth of clothes! you only need 3 pairs of shoes, flip flops, sports/tennis shoes, formal. and it’s vacation! go commando!!!!!

  2. There is no laundry facility on the ship… at least not for the passengers… And unpack some clothes.. seriously, you’ll be fine!

  3. I TOTALLY agree with the three pairs of shoes thing. Two pairs of shorts only. 1 pair that you can wear with almost everything, another just to switch things up. Seriously. No need to be a diva on this trip.

  4. ok, so if no laundry facility, surely they offer a laundry service. sure you might pay 3 bucks to have a pair of jeans washed but for the love, you shouldn’t do your laundry on vacation!

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