1. name: Crystal Renaud aka PinkHairedGirl

    age: 21… i will be 22 next month…

    where you rest your head: shawnee, ks

    how did you get here: i created this site. if i couldn’t get here – then i would have problems.

    what brings you back: updating because anne jackson yells at me if i don’t.

    link to your blog:

    what has caused a seismic shift in your life: trust God enough to choose the path of a ministry career instead of continuing college. changed my entire life. in an amazing way.

  2. anne marie jackson the third.

    i am 26.673

    i rest my head wherever i am tired, usually sachse texas but often in darkened movie theatres

    i clicked through on my xanga link. today anyway.

    what brings me back? seeing if i can yell at you. it was hard knowing you were gone last week. (does the whole “i’m watching you” finger pointing thing)

    i can’t just name one so…moving to kansas. moving back to texas. getting married. visiting scotland. stopping daily consumptioni of coffee.

  3. name:Roxanne
    where you rest your head:on the shoulder of Christ
    how did you get here:spaceship
    what brings you back: the same spaceship
    link to your blog:
    what has caused a seismic shift in your life

  4. Name: jennifer
    age: 21 (+6)
    I typically rest my head in Leavenworth, but sometimes other places too…
    How did I get here: I clicked on the link from my xanga… But I’ve been cyber stalking you since you only had a xanga!
    What brings me back: Cyber stalking isn’t fun if you don’t actually check the website!
    Seismic shift: stalking you.. no really, moving back from Illinois

  5. kimberly
    i rest my head on my bed, my favorite place in the whole world
    i have no idea how i got here, but i do keep coming back. i think it’s the hair
    my seismic shift in life has probably been having kids, if i were to name just one.

  6. Jules
    twice as old
    I rest my head on a pillow North of Fresno, yes, that’s right Fresno, CA.
    I see your comments on others blogs and I checked to see ya over here.
    A seismic shift occurs once a day as I glance into the mirror. No really, I get a shifting from God now and then when he throws an uncomfortable curve in my otherwise too comfortable existence!!

  7. name: Angela Kristine Watts

    age: 20

    where you rest your head: Depends on if its the week or weekend. lol. Normally Olathe, KS in Spindle Hall at MNU. :) Otherwise, Iowa.

    how did you get here: Well, i found this website because i know you! :)

    what brings you back: I get an email every time you update it…

    link to your blog:

    what has caused a seismic shift in your life: The summer I was an intern at westside. God chased after me and captured me.

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