view from the cube


it is currently 4:30pm at the job and i am sitting here in my cube. i love my cubical actually. i have it decorated with many candles, pictures of my nephews, my girls and other little artsy-fartsy things that make it feel like mine. the cubicals here are actually quite roomy. i have actualy been dubbed the “water-cooler” because everyone on this side of the office gathers around me to chat. perhaps i am just fabulously popular. who knows. my cube is on the far interior wall of the admin area and doesn’t get much traffic or noise… except for silly youth guys and of course even sillier creative department guys… like my boss, Brice and our video designer, Steven. when the cube get boring i often visit my paula (our office receptionist). she is way up in the front… so i have to make an effort to see her!! i love her so i do.


1) the left side of my cube 2) my macbookpro 3) the left side of my desk 4) steven 5) a blurry picture of my boss 6) my paula

so all in all i love my cube. but that really isn’t the main point of my post today.

earlier i had an email conversation with my friend megan. she was telling me what she has been studying in the Word. she has been meditating on the first part of Jonah. yeah, Jonah. she has some amazing things that she has been learning about it. and i found myself incredibley encouraged by hearing her talk of growth in the Word. because i am not. lately, i have had a hard time even opening my Bible. my prayer life has been pretty good but reading from the Word of God has been a struggle. not for any particular reason other than laziness and lack of desire. i was in Hebrews for a while. i feeding on Hebrews 5 on needing to be teachers and not relying on others to teach us… to desire meat and not milk.

anyway, i am not personally a big fan of Joyce Meyer, but whether or not i like her – she usually (but not always) speaks real truth and with passion. this morning i was flipping through channels and stopped on her because she was in the middle of one of her rants. She was speaking on compromise. some of what she talked about hit me square in the face. i have been making great compromises in my relationship with God. through not reading His word or serving joyfully OR by my judging others too quickly for their wrongs… getting angry too quickly… “don’t fret yourself over evil-doers” is one thing she quoted from scripture. we need to be asking God, “what is in my life that isn’t pleasing to you?” and focus less on the other sinning Christians around us. she spoke on how we can make a lot of compromises and still go to heaven but we won’t take as many people with us or have as strong of an anointing on our lives to affect other people or enjoy the presence of God like other people and we will become jealous of them. a lot of people can agrue that and say they are pretty faithful… like “I only compromise on a few things” … but then she said, “If I were 85% faithful to my husband do you think that would satisfy him?” Makes you think about our faithfulness to our Father, huh?

Ahh. Dang.

Ok. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Someone is having fun with the camera on her Macbook… Shouldn’t you be working??? And seriously, when am I going to see you? It’s been FAR too long… I miss my crystal….

  2. massivetruth

    Joyce always has a knack for the witty. Very convicting though. I must say that I haven’t always been faithful to our Father. And the fact He still takes me in with loving arms is incredible. Its redeeming love and its real.

    My work space is far too boring to post pictures of. Furhtermore, it is shared.

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