homemade chili plus fake eyelashes = good time

our staff had a chili party today. it was super fun… best part…. all of us women wore fake eyelashes today. mine are enormous. but SO great. enjoy a couple pics from the lunch party. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! oh by the way… i am about to give up on ragamuffin… forever…

(jared, steven and troy)


(steven, me, the boss)


(me and steven)


(shelly, me, paula)


  1. Paula jackson

    Hey Sister!
    This is the first time I have ever read your blog.
    You are a living doll! Thanks for a fun filled day!
    see your pretty face in the morning. Sweet dreams

  2. That is so much fun!
    (I’ve been reading you for a few weeks now. Found you through…heck, no idea now. Clearly, I come back for more – it might have something to do with the pink hair)

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