can we just pray?

Last night, my brother Brad admitted that he has a major problem with alcohol and says he has made a huge mess of his life. Some of which we already knew but are encouraged he is now admitting. He made contact with AA last night and had a great conversation with one of their consultants. He’s taken a leave of absence from his job to take the time to get help. He should be attending an AA meeting tonight at 6pm… our hope is that he does.

I would like you all to pray together for Brad and my family as we seek treatment options for him.

He’s very hopeful in his recovery and the renewal of this lifestyle, but obviously it will probably get harder before it gets easier. Through his tears last night there was something in his voice… something peaceful. I think that he may be on the road to a new life. I am excited for him. All of my Christian life I have believed Brad would be captured by God (it wouldn’t be easy of course – he’s stubborn like me) and through his struggle he would have an incredible testimony. And minister to people. In fact, my mom and I both have felt that calling on this life.

He needs even more to find true salvation and deliverance. God-willing and God-led, Brad will get through this. The enemy will NOT be allowed to win this… in Jesus’ Name.
There is a bit more to the story but this isn’t the place to discuss it. If you want to know more and how you can additionally pray. Just email me.



  1. I’m praying for him right now.

    When I surrendered my life to God, my story made the rounds all over the internet. Thousands of people began praying for me. God’s presence still descends on me on a daily basis because of those prayers. I wish the same experience for your brother. That power can instantly deliver him of his addiction.

  2. what is it with your posts disappearing? i couldn’t see the video from yesterday because youtube is blocked on our filter at work, and now that i’m home it’s gone.

    :: tear falls ::

  3. Hard stuff, but good stuff. AA is great for helping people face the unhealthy lies they have embraced. Have you checked into AlAnon? That would be really helpful for your brother if someone could share his experience. Prayers at ya, babe!

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