tears and rain

so it is raining outside and i’ve been crying… thus the title of my post.

without much in the way of explanation, please just pray for me. my heart and spirit are weighed-down tonight. i feel like whenever my life becomes a bit more calm… more just piles on and i get trapped under a weight i can’t carry. and i know i am not supposed to carry it alone.

anyway… here are some pictures of my saturday in Westin, Missouri. i went there with my mom, brother (bill), my sister-in-law (emily) and my 2 nephews, Jakob (5 yrs) and Jackson (9mo). it was fun…. and great to get out my camera to take pictures.

s5030468.JPG s5030471.JPG s5030470.JPG s5030478.jpg s5030482.JPG s5030483.JPG s5030484.JPG s5030485.JPG s5030486.JPG


  1. Jackson is soooo fat… And adorable. (Jakob too!) And call if you need too… Don’t carry anything alone! Love you!

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