thanks arts pods

friends, thank you for your encouragement on my last post. i am still struggling a bit but it is SO great knowing you are praying for me and that you are standing with me as i tread through it. i will write in more detail when i can think more clearly… it’s all good.

last night was amazing. i am SO proud of my team. our creative department held a vision-night for prospective creative arts volunteers. we would have been happy if just ONE willing person showed up… but we had close to 50 …. fifty…. 50 people there. we were wonderfully overwhelmed with the response. we are excited to see how they can be used by God. please pray for our team that we would be faithful with these wonderful people God has brought up.

oh… and while you’re here… HE DID IT!! and we’re friends again.

click here to listen to what i am talking

ok bye.

(if you don’t have iTunes – click here to listen)


  1. ya…I haven’t been on Xanga for ages. I don’t read your blog too much…since we work 13′ away from each other. Woo hoo for hub! I’m really glad that it went well!


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