new sidebar stuff…

Hello all. I wanted to inform you of a few new additions to my sidebar.

  1. About Crystal
  2. Prayer Page
  3. and I Support

The one I am most excited about it the Prayer Page.

My vision for this page is to create a community and spirit of prayer among us here at Use the comments section within that page to leave your prayer needs or praises and to see others too. Included in the main post will always be a listing of where prayer is needed in my own life or closely related. I will revise what’s posted there and in the comments section as needed for answered or “expired” requests and praises, so please keep us informed of how things are going after you post an item.

Pretty cool, huh?

Check it out and participate ’cause we all need prayer, right?

ps. I need a little blog help. Does anyone know why whenever someone is in a comment section of my blog, the header is drooping down low and not staying on top? One of the very last things I still need to fix. Thanks for any help you might have!


  1. there is a separate php page for “posts” that is different than the home page. when you fixed the top align thing for the home page, you need to do the same for the individual page template (php form) as well. I’m not sure what it’s called in your theme, but you should be able to identify it ;)

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