killer balloon lady

it has been brought to my attention that i need to update. little did she know though that i was doing so already. someone needs to work on her patience. oops, i hope i don’t lose my spot in her google reader. love you anne. here’s your post. but you are all welcome to read it. :)

i went to the movies tonight. the 2nd movie in 4 days. it was called mr. books and i don’t recommend it. basically it is a movie in the suspense genre about how a serial killer thinks. usually i like movies that are full of suspense and have a point… and makes me think. however, this one just taught me how to kill someone and not get caught. which is not a skill i care to acquire.

anyways, about mid-through the movie my vente iced tea lemonade from Starbucks kicked in and i had to go to the restroom. yes, i brought in an outside beverage, but it was in plain sight and no one told me to the throw it away. now that i’ve confessed that, let me continue with my story. let me begin by saying the theatre was dead. like maybe 6 other people in the theatre i was in and maybe 12 other people throughout the other 18 theatres and some of those were staff. so dead.

when i finally get to the restroom that is on the very end of the hallway, in the darkest, most remote part of the theatre, might i add, i enter the door and see nothing but a yellow ballroon sticking out from under one of the stalls and the trash can was pushed up maybe 3 inches from the door.

did i mention i was seeing a scary movie about serial killers? anyway, it was just a very ominous sight. so what did i do? i snapped a picture on my phone and got the heck out of there.


creepy, huh?

needless to say, i didn’t go to the restroom. i turned swiftly around and went back into the awful movie. when the the movie was over i said to my friend, “wow, that was awful”. one of the 6 other people in the theatre looked over at me and gave me the most disgusted look i’ve ever been given. and she walked out with her boyfriend.

as i walked outside to the car, she squeals by, leaning outside of the passenger side and yells, “f-ing b—-” and drives away.

all i can figure is that she must have wrote the movie.


  1. 1) i love you
    2) killer clown waiting for you, good choice to turn back
    3) mango water at taco diner is the best thing. we are so going there when you visit. you f-ing b–. :) just kidding about that last part
    4) my friend julie got her nose pierced tonight in KC
    5) twoish more weeks!
    6) good night.

  2. first thing i thought of when i saw the balloon was Stephen King’s IT. i’ve only seen half of that movie so there’s no closure for me. that killer clown is still out there. save me john boy. :)

  3. There is something really appealing about this picture…and yet really creepy at the same time. :)

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  5. Ashley Rankin

    I think the rude girl that yelled at you in the parking lot was the killer baloon lady! You didn’t fall for her trap in the bathroom so she doesn’t like you! She obviously thought your favorite color was still yellow!

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