africa business…

with each passing day, i get one step closer to leaving the comforts of home and heading out onto the mission field in south africa. sometimes it seems like i take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back but then God provides just what i need to keep me moving forward…

when i first gave my interest in going to south africa, i received a slow but enthusiastic response. slow, because he prayed over it, which is so great. enthusiastic, because it’s incredible!! over the last 3 months i have been praying and mediating over what he approached me with. and just this past sunday i was given a bit more information. this is a good thing considering i get just very spontaneous nuggets and when i get a new one, it’s very exciting. the information i received is that there’s been a bit of a change from the original plan but that was not unexpected. i was also told that i was “definitely not on the back-burner”. things are moving slowly right now, but they are definitely still moving. yay!

more will be known after their trip to south africa in late october.

as much as i wish i could go into greater detail publicly, i can’t. the timing just isn’t right yet and i don’t want to break confidences. other than to say, it’s so flippin’ exciting. God’s is a very, very BIG God. the most important thing is to PRAY and keep PRAYING and PRAYING. basically prayer that if this is all to happen, that the Lord would tear-down all doors and roadblocks… whether i’m involved or not… it is just such an amazing plan.

so with that said, i would love to invite you to come along side me as i pray over this possible project and endeavor. i’ve made it easy for you. join my mailing list*. you will receive sporadic emails from me with prayer needs as well as additional information about what’s going on, when i get it.

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  1. Your mom e-mails. Get me on that list or whatever…or don’t I don’t care really, because you know…I am already praying for you and I think I sort of have an inside scoop…even though you don’t think I do.

  2. I am so very excited for you. I am praying for you, and have grown to admire and respect you more and more each day for your faithfulness and obedience to God’s call. You are an incredible woman of faith, and i am so glad that i get the chance to share this chapter of life with you. I love you more than you know.

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