“i’m leaving on a jet plane…”

i am heading out town this afternoon … on vacation… finally. five glorious days off to be exact and with absolutely no agenda than to fly to auburn, alabama for a long-awaited reunion with my bff jennifer. she is attending grad school there and is in desperate need of me (or i am in desperate need of her). either way, i am going and will update you when i am not laying around or sleeping.

having to fly through ATL, i also have the wonderful opportunity to finally meet this guy on my way home. jealous? i bet.

side note: last night i was having trouble sleeping so i turned the tv on to see if there was something boring on. what i discovered what some animal documentary on PBS… types of land birds i guess. penguins, flamingos, etc. well i don’t know if it was the background music or what, but instead of falling asleep i busted out laughing at these flamingos. i can’t believe i actually found the clip on youtube, but here it is. its about how flamingos do a little “courtship dance” when trying to find a mate. when i was watching i was thinking the entire time, “what a funny God we have”.

so creative, so funny. there’s HAS to be a God.

i know mine was lame, but have you had any “there HAS to be a God” moments lately?



  1. Tam

    I can see how the cracking up happened! I wouldn’t have been able to fall asleep after that! You poor girl…

    Have fun with your bff!!!

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