I am moving to South Africa…

I was just handed some South Africa info in terms of a tentative timeframe… please just take this to the Father as we are still praying and seeking God’s plan and timing.

Tentatively, it looks like I could head over as early as Fall 2008. Like ONE YEAR from now. Ahhh!! I say tentatively because a lot rides on the end of this month when some leaders head over for a meeting. As part of a new development in the Transkei, I would be administrator (overseer of keeping things organized basically) of a young adult/college internship missions program. It’s all very, very exciting.

More info hopefully soon…

I need to begin to think about this and get addresses rounded up… if you would like to receive a prayer support / financial support letter & some updates… please sign up below. All your personal info is safe, blah blah. Oh and THANK YOU!!!





  1. Tam

    So exciting!!! Our oldest, Rachele – 20 yrs ol, she’s adopted…I’m not THAT old, has a huge heart for missions! She’s been everywhere…Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico…but the ONE place she longs to be is Africa! I know she will be super excited, if not a bit envious too, for you. She is in college to become an EMT and hopes to use her medical knowledge and experience in Africa someday, long term!

    I can’t wait to hear more about this for you! Yay!!!

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