planes, trains & automobiles (and whittakers)

4:00am (CST) – wake up, repack, shower
5:45am (CST) – airport shuttle picked me up from auburn
9:00am (EST) – shuttle arrives at atl
10:00am (EST) – checked-in/boarding pass
10:07am (EST) – bought my MARTA pass
10:10am (EST) – amazing MARTA worker totally helped me find where i needed to go.

thank you, sir!!!

10:14am (EST) – boarded the MARTA to buckhead
10:44am (EST) – arrive in Buckhead
10:57am (EST) – began my search for apparent nearby starbucks
11:52am (EST) – found a starbucks. the wrong one but found one.
12:30pm (EST) – los picks me up from wayward starbucks.

“ah oh my gosh, you’re not online, we’re in person!”

12:40pm (EST) – met heather, losiah and seanna. sohaila was at school. i had fish tacos.
1:15pm (EST) – los gives me tour of buckhead… omg
2:07pm (EST) – return to MARTA
2:40pm (EST) – back at the airport
2:50pm (EST) – make it to security line
3:18pm (EST) – exit security line, make mad dash to gate (did you know ATL is frickin’ huge?)
3:30pm (EST) – plane begins to board, i am out of breath
4:00pm (EST) – plane takes off
5:07pm (CST) – arrive back in KC

this might have been the longest day of my life. but i am so so so so so so so so glad i went to auburn and spent some much need R&R time and reunited with my dear friend jennifer. thank you for having me jennifer!! i love you. and i am so so so so so so so glad that los moved to atlanta because how random is it that i would get to meet him and his family today because i was in the area? so great.

pics from today…

(me and the ragamuffinsoul himself)

(lunch with the whittaker family, sans sohaila unfortunately)

(why do people do this?)


  1. I love the Losia faux hawk! My mom lives out there…next time you go, she can bake the best pie. I hope to see you when you our at here is SoCal with that Justin guy!

  2. I’m glad you had fun in good ole Auburn… I am enjoying my technicolor world (once you go over the rainbow, everything looks better!) I love you friend, I’ll see you in 33 days!

  3. Tam

    It’s funny how Los has become like a celebrity!

    Glad you had fun girl…you needed it! Sounds like you’re all healthy again too ;)

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