doubt it is a funny thing. it just seems to creep in when you least expect it. everything seems so perfect… so orchestrated… so in alignment… then BAM… therein enters doubt. the kind of doubt that wipes out everything you once thought was running along smoothly. the kind of doubt that soon follows with a blunt “no….”

why am i talking about doubt? well… doubt has entered into the africa mission with thrive africa. yes, i still feel called… yes, i still have the desire to go… but now, there is a significant doubt as to this being the time and place. so i am backing out of the application process for this particular opportunity.

i know it seems sudden and like a fast decision… but that is how clear the “no” is. so, i don’t really know what i am doing or what i am supposed to do and there’s frustration in that, but there is a enormous peace that He’s still got control and that i am just to continue seeking Him. my jobs easy.

thank you for your continued prayers.

i’m writing this post at the airport waiting for my flight to okc. i am so excited to hang out with my bff and just retreating a bit. we’ll be carrying on the tradition of getting tattooed/pierced… more info on that to come.


  1. Isn’t it funny how things can seem so muddy when you try to explain it but you just KNOW in your hearts that God is leading you? Keep listening to God’s still, small voice.

    In other news…what tattoo are you getting this time??

    Brad Ruggles //

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