in 90 days…

in 90 days i head out to South Africa for a short-term mission trip. hopefully, for real this time. as a lot of you know, last march i was supposed to go but i fell ill and was unable to.

fortunately, i am able to carry over about $1900 (after some cancellation fees) to a new trip in September. from September 10-21 i will be in the Transkei region of South Africa and the closer this trip gets, the clearer the reason why i couldn’t go last time has become.

in fact, i got an email just yesterday asking me if i would take on some leadership in the team’s HIV/AIDS trainings and in the execution of it in South Africa. you see, our team will be trained on HIV/AIDS safety, prevention and awareness and taking what we learn to township schools in South Africa. providing the kids and students there with knowledge about HIV/AIDS, debunking myths and showing them how to protect themselves from this wide-spread disease (not only that, but presenting the gospel to a region and a people who have likely never heard it before).

i did this very thing in March 2007 in a different region of South Africa, but turns out that no one else on this team ever has… including the man leading the team. Wow! i am so excited about being used in this way. i had been praying about how i could be a greater “asset” to THIS team. looks like i can be and i am truly humbled.

unfortunately, due to the “cost of jet fuel” and those pesky cancellations fees from last march, i am close to $1000 short of the total needed for the trip. as just the cost of the flight itself has jumped significantly.

if you would like to help me come up with the remaining $$$ by donating toward my mission efforts, YOU CAN!


Westside Family Church
c/o Crystal Renaud
8500 Woodsonia Drive.
Lenexa, KS 66227

remember gifts are tax-deductible when checks are written to “Oceans of Mercy”. just be sure to write, “crystal renaud – wfc” in the memo line.

i appreciate, even more than money, your prayers for my preparation for this adventure as well as my health as the time approaches.



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