friends, the following is an apology to all who read this blog.

for the last 6 months or even longer than that, i have been throwing not-so-subtle hints out that my support for south africa has been significantly short. however, this isn’t your burden and not one i should have put out here as much i did. i feel a great sense of conviction that i took advantage of this platform. though ultimately my intentions were for something good, i pushed it beyond an appropriate level.

through my own frustrations in this situation, i lost sight of that fact that the financial aspect of a mission trip is also where God wants to teach obedience. not just answering the call to “go”.

so i ask you, the readers of this blog, to please forgive me.

forgive me for being a poor example to you: of not trusting Him fully from day one; of not trusting that He would provide (in whatever way that would look like); of not trusting that He had a purpose for me to learn through the frustrations and of not placing full trust and surrender in Him… in all situations.

thank you for your prayers and your grace through these growing pains of progressive sanctification.


  1. apparently, I haven’t been reading close enough because I didn’t feel pushed in any way.

    I felt you were more than appropriate in asking for what you needed and did a great job at keeping us updated with the progress.

    I heart you!

  2. Praying that God would bless you abundantly in your humility! Not an easy thing to do to apologize! But what a wonderful testimony to the way you are allowing God to work in your heart even now. Praying that this trip is absolutey amazing!

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