what are you listening to?

I am currently on an old PC (that has a permanent green tone to the screen) in our CD duplication room at Westside (exciting, huh?). Well actually I am just here early for service and didn’t bring my macbook pro with me.

Anyways, this is really a closet-turned-work/storage room and is in the Worship Center. As I type this I can hear the 5pm band (led tonight by Troy Kennedy) going crazy in rehearsal on “We Shine” by Fee. For a while now, this song has really been resonating with my Spirit. It is seriously rockin’ and am way excited to be in service in a few minutes.

My favorite verse:
The spirit of God is freedom rings
So come on, come on throw off your prison chains
We’re liberated by the King only freedom remains
For the people of God, yeah, the people of God

We’re livin in kingdom that will never end
We’re livin in the power that defeated sin
So come on everybody let your praise begin
Cause Jesus is alive and he’s comin again

What have you been listening to lately that gets your spirit moving? (on your iPod, iTunes, in church, or otherwise)


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