Monday Weigh-in #4

This week (although good on paper) was a rough one for me. I discovered (or finally surrendered to the fact) that I have developed an allergy to strawberries. About a year and half ago I started noticing that when I ate strawberries, bad things happened. Without going into great detail, let’s just say that I don’t digest them very well. But I kept eating them because it was a rare treat (strawberry shortcake, etc.).

Well, enter last week when I bought fresh, red strawberries, thinking, “oh these will be great with my morning yogurt!” I took a serving to work with me on Tuesday morning. And they were… oh so delightful. But Tuesday night came and it was a bad, bad night. So bad that I am still experiencing some of the consequence. Almost a week later. Yikes.

Has anyone here developed a strange allergy like this?
I’ll be sticking to grapes, pears and apples from now on.

Here’s my week’s numbers…

*Weight(lbs): 217.9
*Pounds Lost: 3.1
*Inches Lost: 2.5

*Weight(lbs): 221
*Pounds Lost: 2.7
*Inches Lost: 1.75

(since Sept. 29, 2008)

*Pounds Lost: 8
(I got my official 5 pound sticker!)
*Inches Lost: 7.25

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  1. I’m allergic to strawberries too! And not any other berries. Which I think it weird too. However, I learned my lesson when I was little so I avoid strawberries all the time and don’t really worry about it. I don’t like chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry shortcakes, or strawberry cheesecake. You get used to it. Don’t worry. I’m also allergic to Paba the active ingredient in sun block. Weird huh? That is it. Strawberries and sunblock.

  2. tam

    excellent job crystal!! you must feel pretty good about this. you should!

    i went on the lupus recovery diet a few years ago. its intent was to find out what didnt set well with my body. it was a long arduous process but worth it. found out i had a mild allergy to shell fish, eggplant, corn and too much salt.

    the shell fish has been the hardest to let go of. but i feel so much better knowing.

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