Prostitution Should Be Legal

The following post stems from a conversation I had with a couple of my co-workers recently. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

In this country, legalized abortion says that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. So, why shouldn’t she also have the right to prostitute herself for money? After all, it is her body and she should have the choice to do whatever she wants with it.

Okay… obviously I am being sarcastic. But follow me here for a moment.

The argument that pro-choicers give for legalizing abortion is that it is a womans body and shes entitled to choose whether or not to carry her unborn child. Or that we need to teach our youth safer sex practices. Or my personal favorite, that it is an issue between God and the woman and who are we to get in the way of that? Or

When something is illegal, it is statistically more dangerous, and dirty. So, how about make prostitution legal, making it also more safe. Not to mention, no longer shameful. I bet if we made it legal, there would actually be less prostitutes. And police wouldn’t have to work it anymore – freeing them up to do other more important things since it would all be on the up and up.

Maybe then we’d have more time to work on strengthening our marriages/relationships to reduce the number of people needing prostitutes.


It is interesting that when using the same argument that pro-choicers use to justify abortion, I can easily justify prostitution. But I bet youre feeling a lot more uncomfortable with that idea, huh?

(but then of course another whole can of worms could be opened using this argument – like legalizing drugs for instance.)


  1. Crystal…

    To be quite frank with you while I know that this was suppose to be satirical I have to agree with you.

    Prostitution should be legal. <– That is not be satirical.

    We spend a crap load of time telling each other what we should and should not be doing and it creates a psychological divide amongst ourselves. You argument of “When something is illegal, it is statistically more dangerous, and dirty.” is 100% on the money which is why I am also in favor of lowering the legal age of consent in this country too.

    You see, I know your feelings on the abortion issue and you know mine. I feel that if we spend a lot less time working to make it illegal it would free up a crap load of time to work on convincing those questioning the idea to not do it. It would give us a lot more time to love them and in the end lets face it, when we’re passionite about something more often than not our ugly sides come out and it’s hard for folks to see our love and compassion through it.

    I can’t tell you the number of “good” friends of mine during this election season became outright disgusting and hateful individuals simply because of my opinion and view on how this country should be ran. I experienced vandalism to my vehicle in my neighborhood (a relatively safe area, that I’ve lived in and got along with my neighbors for a year now), folks at church told me that my spiritual life must not be in check, parents sent their kids up to me to ask me why I thought killing babies was ok, I’ve had stuff thrown at me…all because folks are passionate about their cause. I’ll admit when I’m passionate about my cause I can be ugly too.

    You know I’m pro-choice, but you also know that I am pro-life personally. I do not personally condone abortion. However, I am not the moral police, I know this tends to be a topic of great angst amongst the church but, Jesus never said it was our job to go around policing the world morally. We are to be a light, and our ability to be that light is often clouded when we let our passion get in the way.

    So yes, legalize prostitution, because the way our mind works, if we’re not doing something rebellious we’re less likely to do it. Lower the legal age of consent and I betcha that we’ll see a lowering of teen pregnancies across the board, actually, you don’t have to take my word for it, just look at the teen pregnancy rate of states where the legal age of consent is under 18, those teenagers practice a lot safer sex than the normal ones.

    I can almost guarantee that there are several folks batting their eyes (if they’ve read this far down this comment) but, folks listen, if you want to make a difference, if you want to change the establishment, stop worrying about laws, and making crap illegal and start loving folks…love has and always will enact the biggest movement of change.

  2. Will–

    Do the moral police drive cars?

    Is murder a moral choice? Speeding? Stealing? I guess none of these things are moral choices? We shouldn’t have any of these laws. After all Jesus never said for us too. In fact Jesus would be for anarchy. Because if there were no laws everyone would go around doing the loving right thing all the time. All we need is love.

  3. Jonny:]
    Love is a many splendored thing,
    Love lifts us up where we belong,
    All you need is love!
    Please, don’t start that again
    All you need is love!
    A girl has got to eat!
    All you need is love!
    She’ll end up on the street! (sigh)
    All you need is looooove!
    Love is just a game.
    I was made for loving you baby,
    You were made for loving me.
    The only way of loving me baby,
    Is to pay a lovely fee.
    Just one night,
    Give me just one night.
    There’s no way,
    Cause you can’t pay.
    In the name of love!
    One night in the name of love!
    You crazy fool,
    I won’t give in to you.
    Don’t, leave me this way.
    I can’t survive, without your sweet love,
    Oh baby, don’t leave me this way.
    You’d think that people would’ve had enough of silly love songs…
    I look around me and I see it isn’t so, oh no.
    Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs
    Well what’s wrong with that?
    I like to know.
    Cause here I go… again…
    Love lifts us up where we belong!
    Where eagles fly,
    On a mountain high!
    Love makes us act like we are fools.
    Throw our lives away,
    For one happy day.
    We could be heroes…
    Just for one day.
    You, you will be mean.
    No, I won’t.
    (sigh) And I, I’ll drink all the time.
    We should be lovers…
    We can’t do that.
    We should be lovers!
    And that’s a fact.
    Though nothing, would keep us together.
    We could steal time…
    [Jonny & Hooker:]
    Just for one day.
    We could be heroes,
    Forever and ever,
    We could be heroes,
    Forever and ever,
    We can be heroes…
    Just because I… will always love you…
    [Jonny & Hooker:]
    …Can’t help loving…
    How wonderful life is,
    [Jonny & Hooker:]
    Now you’re in, the world…

    (Pimp singing opera…)

    …sorry…Brice inspired it.

  4. Does Will mean lower the consenting age for teens to have sex? Get abortions w/ out permission?

    Someone clarify for me.

  5. I was actually thinking the same thing recently. Prostitution should be legal if we are using the argument that a woman, or man, can do anything he wants with his body.

  6. After the election in Massachusetts, there is a change as well (this is not satire…but real life) that says people will only be charged $100 is they are caught with an ounce or less of marijuana and it will not be criminalized. They just pay the fee and keep on going. The argument is not unlike what you made above…it saves police time to deal with the ‘real’ criminals.

    How often satire meshes in with real life.

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  8. The argument has to come back to the question of how we decide what the law should be. Is there a process to making law, or just an arbitrary “whatever seems best at the time” haphazard foray?
    Early American law was based on English Common Law, which had its roots on the judicial system Israel employed prior to establishing kings (against God’s advice).
    The common law process takes existing law and tests new laws case-by-case, discovering law the way scientists discover the laws of physics in a laboratory.
    So far, the common law has established that we get along best when: we all do what we have agreed to do, and when no one encroaches on others or their property.
    The question with abortion always must come back to whether the fetus is a human with rights comeasurate to other humans. If yes, the woman must respect the life of the fetus. If no, she can do what she wants with her body.
    That said, I’m all for legalization of drugs and prostitution.

  9. You know…I agree with you. I’ve thought that for some time but most people don’t agree with me.

  10. tam

    dang. nice can of worms. nice twist tho. good to camp out on.

    and Will, i have to say – i agree. we spend so much time fighting against something that we dont stand for anything anymore. all our focus and energy is placed on the “what nots”. how about this…live our lives in a manner pleasing to God and in doing that our lives, hopefully, will inspire others to change. how about putting our energies into what causes women to abort their babies or go into prostitution. how to do this? im not sure, honestly. if its being done somewhere id like to know about it and how theyre doing it.

  11. Roxanne

    Sorry, but I agree with Will on this one. These 2 issues, the Christian world JUDGES, without having A CLUE, as to the individuals who are in these positions, and make these decisions. NO CLUE. How good is Satan at trapping your minds on issues that you either A)will never have to make that choice, and B)no one will EVER answer to you OR the government for making these choices. Mary Magdeline???? Hmmmmmm….. I am secure in saying Jesus SAW HER HEART AND LOVED HER in spite of the destruction she had been doing to HERSELF. He didn’t abolish prostitution shaming her for her actions. He loved her and DID NOT JUDGE! HE knew the pain that she absorbed. Make fun of love all you want. You might want to REALLY study Jesus to see, THAT IS his CONSTANT COMMAND. THAT is what the Christian world needs to start practicing! And let me tell you, LOVE is not a ooey gooey FEELING.(the love that Jesus speaks of that is) TO LOVE, is a very challenging concious decision. UNLESS you have walked IN the shoes, and have had to make the choice YOURSELF, your opinion has no merit. Judge and you will be judged. Good luck with that!

  12. yep, prostitution should be legal. (no satire from me)

    we are a storied people. unless we are willing to engage with others in their stories, we should stay out of the way.

  13. sister.
    you’re leaning on creating a bit too much division for me. (shocking, coming from BMcCoy)
    fight for and talk about what you want to fight for and talk about, but remember your audience, not everyone agrees and some people could feel a bit alienated by being called “pro choicers”
    and not made to feel like part of the fam.
    thats all.
    much love.

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