Turkey, Stuffing, Pie – OH MY!

With less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you the unbelievable point-values for some typical Thanksgiving Day dishes. I counted, and in my family – a typical Thanksgiving dinner would be at least 40 points… IN ONE MEAL! My daily allowance is only 28… so I know I will need to do some planning.

So, I am also posting some recipes that you could consider trying to help offset some of those beastly calories, and still enjoy your favorites. This is totally not to meant to bum you out – but to actually help you enjoy the holidays without the extra guilt.

Just click on the link in Weight Watchers column to view alternate recipes.

I know I am personally going to try the pumpkin pie! But no one can mess with my mama’s green bean casserole and I plan to have plenty of it.

Traditional Recipe POINTS Value Weight Watchers Recipe POINTS Value
Green bean casserole (3/4 cup) 4 Green beans with almonds (3/4 cup) 1
Candied sweet potatoes (1 cup) 8 Candied sweet potatoes(1 cup) 3
Garlic mashed potatoes (3/4 cup) 6 Garlic mashed potatoes (3/4 cup) 3
Mashed sweet potatoes, canned (1/2 cup) 2 Mashed sweet potatoes (1/2 cup) 1
Canned cranberry sauce (1/3 cup) 3 Cranberry-orange relish (1/3 cup) 2
Bread stuffing (1 cup) 8 Bread stuffing (1 cup) 2
Pumpkin pie (1 slice) 9 Pumpkin pie (1 slice) 3
Pecan pie (1 slice) 12 Pecan tartlets (1 item) 3


  1. Multilpy the 40 points times 2, and that’s our Thanksgiving. Rob and I have to eat w/my family for lunch, then his family for dinner. It is utterly sick and disgusting,and NOT my favorite holiday. Why must we do this to ourselves? To prove we are thankful? No one will listen to my protests. Oh, and I hate sweet potatoes. I think they are the most disgusting food on the planet. Why do people put marshmallows on them? so strange.

  2. Jen Houser

    I have made a pumpkin pie just about identical to that and it is fab! You cannot tell a difference and Joel actually likes the graham crust better on pumpkin pie than the traditional. FYI – most of the fat in pie is the crust so if you can’t get a low fat pie just eat the filling!

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