Sometimes Sarcasm Hurts…

just wanted you to know that i i took down my “Prostitution Should Be Legal” post. division is not what i was wanting to create with my satire. it is unfortunate though that satire can’t be satire – or maybe i just suck at it – i don’t know. but it isn’t worth offending readers or most of all, offending friends.

if you were offended by my words – i do apologize. to do so was not the intention of the post. it was simply a satirical way to took at issues that face us all as Christians and Americans.

with love.


  1. Lory

    I caught what you were saying in the post. And, I am grateful that this community conversation is being facilitated by one who is striving to honor and respect others in the conversation, even if that means taking posts down.

  2. tony

    gee, i never ever get in trouble for being sarcastic!

    you did well – and mended any fences that were torn down (even though they were highly sensitive fences).

    now, how many points for being nice/sweet do you get – i say about -400, so you can have pumpkin pie and stuffing for t-day!

  3. tam

    dang. i didnt check that post again after i left my comment. shoot. so i have no idea what happened. email me?

    your post didnt offend me at all.

    hope youre ok.

  4. I didn’t leave a comment about the post but I though it was good and made a valid point. I didn’t find it offensive at all, just though provoking!

  5. Oh man…I didn’t keep up with this post. I hope nothing I said offended anyone. I was simply sharing in the conversation.

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