25 Random Things

So, there’s this viral facebook note going around where people are posting 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about themselves. I’m following suit with mine as well. Maybe you’ll learn something new about me and discover (or confirm) my insanity.

1) about a year ago i became allergic to strawberries.
2) diet coke is a daily requirement for me.
3) pedicures and massages are one of my favorites but are rare indulgences.
4) Q-Tips are amazing. am i right?
5) i grew up saying all the same real names for body parts and bodily functions. none of this potty and wee-wee stuff.
6) i own a velvet elvis painting. it’s on my bedroom wall.
7) when i was little i thought i was allergic to the smell of crayons.
8) although it is a big no-no on weight watchers, i love me some breakfast at mcdonald’s.
9) i love sushi and am thankful it is a weight watchers yes-yes.
10) i hate when people put clothes on their dogs. but secretly i actually love it and am just jealous that my dog doesn’t let me do that to her.
11) when i was 8 years old, i was the near victim of an attempted child abduction.
12) i am beginning the book-writing process. for reals.
13) throughout high school i was in the honors vocal ensemble and competed at state as a soloist. i still love to sing but don’t really have a decent avenue for it.
14) my love languages are physical touch and words of affirmation-so a massage/pedicure certificate would be a great gift, thank you.
15) i want to be a professional country singer and own a honky-tonk bar.
16) i love to travel. anywhere and everywhere. if only i had more time and money to do so.
17) i was one of those “crying girls” when i got to see the backstreet boys in high school. don’t laugh. they fell out of ceiling, people! it was incredible. a dream come true.
18) after Titanic came out, i wrote Oprah requesting to meet Leonardo DiCaprio. she “wrote back” saying that she could not fulfill my request but to “stay in school….education is the key to my future.” – i still have her letter in one of my scrapbooks.
19) i freakin’ love my mom.
20) i’m an extrovert trapped in an introvert.
21) i can type 100 words per minute. a few typos can always be corrected!
22) “The Devil Went Down to Georgia?” is my all time favorite of song. The Charlie Daniels Band version, of course.
23) one of the four elementary schools i attended growing up was JFK Elementary School. my older brothers convinced me that the actual President JFK was buried in the entryway wall that had a memorial plaque on it. i was seriously terrified for a good while to even stop foot in the school.
24) i get everything i don’t want to pay full price for on ebay. including cameras, perfume and make-up.
25) i have two tattoos and getting a third in may.

Now, I would love to find out something random about YOU.

*although some of them are outdated, i once posted “100 Things About Me” if you want to take a look.


  1. Oh my word….I laughed out loud at # 4, 17, 18 and 23. I so understand the extrovert introvert thing…

    You must sing for us at lifegroup I want to hear you!! I would come visit your bar :P

    The almost abduction sounds scary…

    The Devil went down to GA…one of the best songs ever!

    This is a fun list…I will be honest I have really enjoyed reading all of the list on facebook…call my a dork, but I love things like this :)

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