Win a Free Copy of Mad Church Disease!!


That’s right. I’m offering you a chance to win a free autographed copy of Mad Church Disease by Anne Jackson. After all, why buy it when you can get it for free? If you have already purchased this amazing book for yourself, enter to win a copy for someone else!!

Here’s all you need to do.

Leave a comment below by completing the follow question:

I will never forget the day I ________________.

Rules & Such
You have until Friday at 11:59pm to be included in the drawing. The winning commenter will be determined by and announced on Saturday. Please limited submissions to one per person. International commenters are welcome to participate.

Feel free to check out my review of Mad Church Disease.


  1. I will never forget the day I sneezed on to the front row of the audience.


    Since Anne’s sending a copy out (I think), it would be really greedy of me to want another…but you know, we have friends.

  2. …found out i was pregnant. (i tried to come up with something more witty but this is the first thing that popped into my mind.)

  3. I will never forget the day I won an autographed copy of Mad Church Disease!!! ;)

    I had to do it…

  4. I will never forget the day my best friend and I started dating. It was so cute and sweet, he even asked if he could hold my hand! He’s adorable.

  5. i’ll never forget the day i started to blog — it was the day after Father’s Day 2005 (about my daughter, of course). Started on Blogger (or BlogSpot) and am glad to have “evolved” to WP.

  6. …my brother joined me for worship on the top of the senior girls boat at Houseboat camp. He was a freshman boy, and we just stood there and cried and sung Amazing Grace together.

  7. I will never forget the day I realized I was a trained Pharisee and didn’t really KNOW Christ.

  8. Gave birth to each of my kids. I now understand unconditional lovelike Jesus loves us!

  9. I will never forget the day I listened to the doctor tell me that my 4 year old daughter had cancer. My life has never been the same since.

  10. Sarah

    I will never forget the day I headbutted my brother in the face and broke his nose (I, the older sister, was 23 and he, the younger but much bigger brother, was 21).

  11. Becky

    I will never forget the day I was soaking wet and covered in mud at Purple Door, was mistaken for a 17 year old (I was 25), rocking out to Thousand Foot Krutch and praying there would not be a tornado until I saw Relient K live!

  12. Karyne

    I left my full bags at God’s feet and he picked them all up without an ounce of effort.

  13. Leslie Smith

    I’ll never forget the day I finally clued in to the fact that God wanted me to preach His Word. I was thinking more a long the line of serving in support of others who would preach.

  14. I will never forget the day I got my masters degree… I never thought that year would be over!

  15. I will never forget the day I came face to face with a shark. Surfing is not always a safe sport. ;)

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