The Leak

Upon first noticing the leak in the ceiling of our conference room, nothing was done. It was assumed it was just a minor thing because it had been raining a lot. Then, a couple of weeks later we noticed the water stain had a new ring around it. But again, nothing was done.

Today, we walked into our conference room to find this:


A new leak in the center of the old, infected area but also the addition of two new and might I add, larger leaks at different places in the ceiling. I couldn’t help but see a correlation between these leaks in our ceiling and the sin that is in our lives.

How often do we recognize an area of sin in our lives but ignore it?

We ignore it because of the circumstances that led to it.
We ignore it because fixing it will be too costly or difficult.
We ignore it because we don’t see the harm it is really doing to us.

When we ignore an area of sin in our lives, not only are we likely going to repeat it–but even more sin begins to enter our lives. Sin begins to spread across our lives in ways we never would have imagined. And often faster than we thought was possible. Just like these leaks in the ceiling.

And what we don’t see–is the damage is it causing.

Not taking care of the first small leak has resulted in a huge problem. And likely one that will cost us a lot more than if we had just dealt with it early on.

For most of us, the evidence of sin is not immediately noticeable from the outside. The damage on the outside only begins to occur after the sin stops being containable. Our hearts become so consumed with the weight of it that it begins to leak through. And for each of us, the leaks look different. It can leak through in the form of anger, depression, bitterness and even self-righteousness.

And sometimes the damage is so bad that is takes a complete remodel of our lives.

Consider where you are with unacknowledged or unrepentant sin.

Do you have a leak you need to get checked?

Do you have an example from your past of a leak you let go too long?


  1. Crystal, this is awesome. Thank you so much for posting it. It really just added a layer of confirmation on something that God is speaking to me pretty firmly about.

  2. crystal….i am soooo getting pounded by this very subject the past few days. i really think its going hand in hand with the other things he has put on my heart. now if i could just figure out how to make it all work….we'd be in good shape♥

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