New Comment System

I launched the use of Intense Debate as my blog comment system today. We may run into issues, we may not. But I wanted you to know that the new functionality is on purpose. Don’t try to adjust your computer screens.

So, let’s test out the new system with a little game…


-been to Disneyland
-broken a bone
-spent the night in a hospital

What about you?


        1. and my work here is done.

          Apparently, they taste like chicken.

          Just like crocodile does. And it does…chicken that lives in saltwater…

          The fact you're meant to eat them ALIVE is what's freaky.

  1. jasmin

    I have never… broken a bone in my body
    I have never… broken a bone in someone else's body
    I have never… karate chopped a board in half

    1. I have never…

      been treated for the bones I've broken
      been at fault for the bone I broke in someone else's body (really, it was an accident!!)

      but I have 'karate chopped' and kicked boards in 1/2–and it's such a great feeling of accomplishment!!

  2. I've never eaten at Chic FiL A ( Not sure if that's correct spelling)
    I've never told my husband I have a blog
    I've never accepted my in-laws as Facebook friends

  3. I've done 2 of your 3. I've never broken a bone… although I hurt my foot so bad once that I was sure I had fractured a bone in there. But the X-rays said no…

    I have never:

    -Seen an African sunrise
    -Shared the Gospel (completely) in a foreign language
    -Discipled someone from another people group who went on to make disciples.