My Birthday Wish: Water for 2500 Africans


On November 19, 2009 I will be turning 25.

In lieu of cards, gifts or a party… I want to see 2500 Africans receive the gift of clean, fresh water through the efforts of *Blood:Water Mission.

But to do so, we need to raise $2500.

I know, $2500 is a lot of money. Especially in this present economy. But did you know that just $1 can provide ONE YEAR of clean water for an African?

If 2500 people decided today that they can spare $1 in order to give the gift of fresh, clean water to an African in need… this goal would easily be met.


Blood:Water Mission is a non-profit organization that exists to promote clean blood and clean water efforts in Africa, tangibly reducing the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic while addressing the underlying issues of poverty, injustice and oppression. Blood:Water Mission is building clean water wells, supporting medical facilities, and focusing on community and worldview transformation, both here in America and in Africa.


Your participation will give Africans the gift of clean water to protect them from life-threatening illnesses. Women and children will no longer walk up to 10 miles a day to get water. People with HIV will live stronger, longer lives. Communities will flourish and be changed. We know that you, too, will be changed by connecting with the people in Africa.

Your partnership can help save lives.

So, please donate your $1 (or $10, $20, $100… etc.) today. Give the gift of fresh, clean water to an African in need. And be giving me a wonderful birthday gift at the same time: I can’t think of any birthday gift more rad than seeing this all happen.


– – – – – –

*Blood:Water Mission is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization. Gifts are tax-deductible.



  1. u got it! advanced happy birthday pretty lady!

    funny thing is.. im in the middle of writing blog/invitations for my birthday asking people to come and feed the homeless with me for my birthday party(and give $ to buy food for homeless in lieu of gifts for me)

    LOOOOOOVE that God is working thru His church (us) to give hope to the hopeless. He is amazing.

    new moon countdown…almost here! ;) LOL

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