See You Next Year!

I am taking a break from the blog this week to place solid focus on writing my book (I’ve been contacted by a publisher and they’ve requested a few chapters to review—*gulp*). Nothing has been promised on their end, but it is exciting nonetheless. I am hoping to nail down a few chapters and send them early next week.

I will also be traveling to Nashville mid-week for a few days of continued writing, time with friends and hopefully find some rest as well (made better by a free flight and a free place to stay).

So, if you think about it—please send up some prayers on my behalf …for focus, creativity, clarity and safety.

And in my absence from the blog, enjoy some awesome guest posts throughout the week from some of my new favorite people…

Lori Wilhite (on Monday)
Serena Woods (on Tuesday)
Kyle Reed (on Wednesday)
Nicole Wick (on Thursday)
My 2009 Wrap-Up (on Friday)

Have a wonderful week… see you next year!


  1. JD

    Praying for complete rest, renewal and restoration, and that God will sit with you in your quiet writing place and breath His words into life through you.

  2. tam

    my heart totally skipped a beat when i read a publisher contacted you. wow, crystal….that is my dream…and that it has happened for you, one of my favorite people ever, makes me happier than i can even describe. KNOW that i will be praying for you, your mind, focus, clarity, creativity, courage. love you so!

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