Project 365: January 7, 2010

To give you an idea of how much snow we’ve received, this is what’s left of the reindeer in my front yard.


In the 17 days since winter began, we’ve received over 20 inches of snow in total. Last year, we got less than 12 inches for the entire season. I am snow-weary.

Hopefully this is my last snow picture… cause I am bored with it now. But there is literally nothing else to take pictures of.


  1. Wanted to comment on your tweet from last night. My tweets are protected, so couldn’t reply via twitter. You hit the nail on the head about the addict being “hilariously delusional”. Here’s the thing. It’s not delusion when one is in active addiction. It was my “normal”. It wasn’t apparent to me at all. I can look back to 912 days ago and say “I don’t need recovery, I’m not an addict”. I stole from my employer (I’m a Pharmacist) to supplement my real Rx’s of pain killers & muscle relaxants. Me. The goodie-two-shoes. The person who has never even smoked pot. The arguments that go on in an addict’s mind sound so rational at the time. I thought I hid my addiction. Big surprise. NO, I didn’t. You made a great observation. I don’t know that non-addicts will ever understand. Thanks for reminding me that “hiding” my disease was hilarious to those around me. :)

    1. Crystal Renaud

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope you know that I am not making light of it by saying it is “hilariously” delusional. The truth is, I know the delusion far too well. As a former porn addict (for 8 years) I know that addicts think they aren’t addicted… and hide it terribly. Bless you on your 912 days of sobriety!

      1. I am not making light at all! It’s funny because I did hide it terribly, too. I just couldn’t see it!! That’s why it IS hilariously delusional. Especially those of us who have been transformed from a life of addiction. I sure couldn’t laugh at 1st. I was so mad at the world when I got caught! I was going to “show” them! I was going to treatment to learn how to take my prescriptions successfully! Ha! NO! I can laugh at my behavior back then because it’s a reminder of how dull my mind was. :)

        1. Crystal Renaud

          Good. I was hoping that YOU didn’t think I was making light of it. it is amazing looking at my addiction days… and see with such clarity how clouded i was.

          funny… the little captcha thing here says: “exposed that”

          fitting.. :)

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