We Want Your Story

I was one of 3 people to share our porn addiction stories at my church last weekend. Big thanks to Wes Koetje for editing this piece to a format I can now use for Dirty Girls Ministries.

We are looking for other stories to put on our website as encouragement to women to come out of the darkness of addiction. And to put faces to the addiction that is plaguing so many women.

If you’re a woman with a porn addiction story and willing to share it with us… please record a 2-3 minute video of your story in iMovie, Photobooth, etc. and upload it to vimeo.com. Then, send us the link to your video to [email protected].

These videos do not have to be fancy. We simply want you—sharing your story. Permission will be sought before using your story for any other purpose.


  1. SO proud of you for telling this part of your story publicly! what a journey you’ve been on, my dear friend.

    i can’t wait to hug you again in a few days here!

  2. Tina

    there’s so much shame in our sin that keeps us from letting Jesus love us out of it. so thankful you cried out to Him and He loved you out of this dark place. now you are helping so many people see that He is there waiting to take them by the hand and walk them into the light and set them free! i’m so proud to call you not only my friend, but my sister…i love that He gives us one another to link up with and do this whole life thing together. praying for anyone that is watching this now and feeling all alone…that they would know this is a safe and loving place to get the help they need.

  3. I love you so much it’s silly. Thank you for sharing yourself so boldly. I’m so proud of you.

  4. Crystal, great job sharing your story, and more importantly, showing that hope and healing is available to everyone.

    Well done.

  5. Mark Lussell

    Thank you soooo much for sharing this story Crystal! It’s important to remember that pornography is the devil’s jumprope, and when we engage in a porn-journey, we are basically double-dutching with SIN!

    (btw the room that you shot your video in is gorgeous! Those drapes would look divine in our prayer closet!)

  6. amanda

    thanks for sharing your story. you represent so many women – it’s taken me many years to realize i wasn’t the only struggling in this area.

  7. lori

    Thank you for your ministry! It is much needed for women. He takes the guttermost to the uttermost! Amen!

  8. There was recently a discussion about my church which touched on pornography. I was saddened when the discussion quickly turned to women’s clothing, saying that immodest clothing is pornographic.

    I did what I could to highlight the flaw in their thinking but I don’t think that my protestations were welcomed – unfortunately and I think that we parted company with them still believing that women’s clothing = porn.

    I want to be able to coherently tell them what the differences are and why the kind of addiction that you talk about on your blog must be taken seriously and the right sort of help offered but I don’t think that I know how.


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