I wanted to bring you all in on some information we’ve just received that could greatly affect our online community (The City) at DGM.

Before we joined The City, we had a discussion forum on our website that was functional, but it didn’t cultivate community and it didn’t have any security—so spammers were always a big issue.

So when The City came along, it was a Godsend. Not only is this a place where real community is taking place, it’s also a safe place for women to find hope, help and healing.

And thanks to the generosity of the staff at The City, it’s also been free of cost to us (with the exception of the original $349 set up fee) since we signed up last year.

But due to our growth (nearly 600 members in one year’s time—amazing!), they ask that we begin paying a fee of $105/mo. to keep using this service.

It’s a fair request, but is obviously not a cost that DGM has budgeted for nor is it a cost that our current budget can accommodate very easily (for example, our income for the month of August was $296).

We know this community is precious to many (it is precious to us) and we never want to charge for the services and resources we provide at Dirty Girls Ministries.

But in order to keep this community open and to do even more in the year to come (and we’ve got some plans!), we need your support. We are coming to you, our extended community, for suggestions on how we can make this happen.

The easy response is to ask for a *donation to help keep The City free for all of our users (to which if you feel led, we provided a link below).

In the meantime, we want to keep The City as a place our members can benefit from, so we are open to suggestions on how to make this feasible and also for your prayers as we try and incorporate a plan to handle this.

Thank you for reading…. and for your support!

Be blessed,
Crystal Renaud
Executive Director, Dirty Girls Ministries

– –


*all gifts are tax-deductible.


  1. Stephanie

    I wish I could help! :( I’ll pray that the funds come in!

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