4 Years and Counting…

On February 10, DGM will celebrate it’s 4th birthday.

And boy, have we come a long way.

From just a blog with a few of my own personal stories and a spam-ridden discussion forum to a multi-purpose non-profit women’s ministry consisting of a growing community, recovery groups, conferences and more. One that now transcends pornography and sex addiction to the core issues that plague the hearts of women today under our new umbrella of WHOLE Women Ministries.

The vision we have been given for WHOLE (the ministry and the conference) is that we would become a ministry where women who have been set apart for a greater purpose but have been taken captive by sin and despair can receive help, hope and healing… be restored… and ultimately equipped to do what they were created to do.

Some of you have been with us from the beginning, while some of you have only just discovered us. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, look forward to the next four years together and many years of ministry after that. As always, our ministry and programs would cease to exist without your prayers and the generosity. If you wish to give, please do so using the link below or click here for more options.

In celebration of our 4 years of ministry, we are giving away 4 copies of Dirty Girls Come Clean. Just fill out the entry form below and you will be entered as many as there are options to enter. Entries accepted until Tuesday, February 12 at 12pm CST.

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Crystal Renaud
Founder & Executive Director
WHOLE Women Ministries
Dirty Girls Ministries

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  1. Lily

    This is so awesome! Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You have really inspired me to lead in ministry in this area as well!

    Blessings and Peace

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