A Call to Pray — January 2015

This is a bit lengthy, but I ask you to please read and pray with us for God’s will, timing, and purpose. 

More than 5 years ago, God placed a vision in my heart of a conference that would provide women with the opportunity to receive true, lasting inner healing. Not just from pornography addiction, but from a myriad of strongholds. The ailings of a woman’s heart.

In August 2012, this vision came to fruition with the first Whole Women’s Conference held in Kansas City. And again in 2013 that we held online and streamed to a few satellite church locations. Both events were remarkable. Women were freed from years of shame and bondage.

In 2014, we took a step back as a ministry and didn’t have a conference. Instead, we prayed and we sought training. And healed a bit ourselves. In doing so, we received a new vision—a bigger vision—not just of a conference, but an intensive weekend.

Out of that vision came Whole Women Weekend. Whole Women Weekend (formerly WHOLE Women’s Conference) is a unique weekend intensive retreat for women who are seeking true and lasting inner healing from hurts & hang-ups, trauma, bad habits, addictions, and more and who wish to encounter God in a way they never have before.

Whole Women Weekend is scheduled to take place August 27-30, 2015 on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay at Sandy Cove Christian Retreat Center in North East, MD. And we have secured Annie Lobert of Hookers for Jesus as our keynote speaker. Additionally, we have partnered with Safe Harbor Christian Counseling to offer a CEU track for counselors (more about that soon)!

Unfortunately, we are at the precipice of having to cancel due to budgetary concerns and a general lack of registration. As I have prayed about this event and the registration issue, I have felt impressed to make it affordable to all women. So earlier this week, as an act of faith, we eliminated the registration fee in exchange for a donation of any amount to attend — because we want women there. No matter what. 

However, the total budget for our 2015 retreat is close to $85,000 — of which includes $72,045 to be paid directly to the retreat center for 3-night accommodation for over 300 women, all meals throughout the retreat, recreational activities, plus miscellaneous expenses like all printed materials, advertising, travel expenses, speaking honorariums – – everything.

Miscellaneous expenses aside, our financial obligations/deposits to Sandy Cove are as follows:

First deposit of $2,000 due August 29, 2014  (PAID)
Second deposit of $5,112.50 due October 24, 2014  (PAID)
• Third deposit of $10,668.75 due January 22, 2015
• Fourth deposit of $20,781.25 due March 20, 2015
• Fifth deposit of $20,337.50 due May 20, 2015
• Final deposit of $13,145.00 due July 27, 2015

As you can see, we have a big deposit due in just a few weeks.Unfortunately, we are far from being able to pay it. In addition, we are coming up on a contractual deadline with the retreat center — one that if we don’t cancel within — we will be subject to owing our entire unpaid balance ($64,932.50) if they are unable to resell the block of rooms we reserved.

Time is seemingly not on our side. But from the very beginning this has been a leap of faith for us. One that we trust God has gone before us in. So if it is His will that this event continue as planned, we know that finances are the smallest thing for Him. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, after all.

So we ask you to pray with us throughout the month of January. Here’s how

  • If we are to move forward with retreat planning then we need $10,668.75 by January 22. We prayerfully believe that if we receive it, then it is our cue to keep going. We pray for a specific number so that we can all be the witness to God’s intervention.
  • If we are to move forward with retreat planning, then we need women to register. Again, there’s now no set registration fee — as an act of faith. We simply ask for a donation. Pray women’s hearts are stirred toward receiving wholeness and seek out this retreat.
  • If we are to move forward with retreat planning, then we need help promoting the event. Pray that avenues would be opened up that would allow news of this retreat to reach far and wide.
  • Ultimately — pray for God’s will. Nothing else matters.

If you feel led, you can share this prayer need with your friends and if you know women who could benefit from this retreat please invite them to check out our retreat website

Additionally, donations can be made online or by mail (details at link) and we have sponsorship opportunities for individuals, businesses, and organizations as well.

Thank you for reading this (I know it was long) and more importantly — thank you for committing to pray.

You are a blessing!

Crystal Renaud
Founder & President
Whole Women Ministries et al


  1. PTSD goes a long with sexual trauma and that is what my blog focused on.Just started mt trauma story it you can will you read it and pass it on to anyone that might need to her it. Part of my dealing with the sexual assault was to have sex with as many men as I could for 5 years. It tore up my self esteem and added to the shame, It was self defeating.Healing is the answer – http://healingtakesalifetime.blogspot.com/2015/01/my-trauma-story-3-parts-dominoes-part-i.html

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