The Results Are In: Christian Women & Porn Addiction

February 2014 E-News

The Results Are In…

We are both excited and a little bit sad to share with you the results of our porn addiction survey of Christian Women.

We conducted this survey over the course of one month with over 700 participants from around the web.

It’s exciting to share this news because these are the first statistics of their kind specifically and the first solid addiction numbers to come out in well over a decade. But we’re sad to reveal that the porn addiction problem among the Christian community of women has more than doubled in that time (17% to 40% since 2003).

And even sadder still that we’re not shocked by this.

CLICK HERE to view the infographic!

However, we’re excited still because now… there’s proof.

We would love your help in spreading this infographic on all of your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. The more people know these numbers and come to the knowledge that porn addiction is an epidemic in the Church today, the easier it will be for those women who struggle to break out from behind the veil of shame.


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