some of my quirks

*the only pork i eat is sausage patties.

*i set 3 alarm clocks that are each 5 minutes a part. i hit snooze on ALL of them just long enough that i still have time to shower.

*if i get a hole in my jeans, i end up messing with it so much that the hole gets so big, they become unrepairable and unwearable.

*when eating a grilled-cheese sandwich, it must be cut into four triangles.

*i must get 5 good sprays out of my perfume bottle. if they are half sprays or just a little spritz, i will spray until a sufficient amount comes out. i’ve never been told i wear too much, however.

*the number of emails in my inbox must remain under 10. needless to say, i sort & return a lot of email.

*i hate wearing socks.

*i have to have one leg sticking out over my covers when i am falling asleep.

*if walk past a mirror, i will always mess with my hair.

*clowns and ventriloquist dolls terrify me.

please tell me you’re a little odd about some thing too.


  1. lory

    *i love to study biblical greek grammar.

    *i have to have a diet coke within 30 minutes of waking up or i get a really bad headache…addiction?? yep.

    *i check my email at least 15 times a day.

    *i know a ton of hymns…i read/memorize hymns for fun.

  2. my sheets have to be “crispy” clean or I don’t sleep as well.

    i shower twice a day – sometimes 3 times if i work out.

    if i break a nail, i have to file all my other nails down to the same length.

    i obsessively clean my computer keyboard and phone. i’m ocd.

  3. Jennifer

    Umm… quirks…
    I compulsively balance my checkbook, it bugs me if I don’t know how much money is in it.
    My gas tank cannot get below a quarter of a tank
    My food can’t touch on the plate
    I keep my outgoing and incoming calls lists on my phone to 10 each. And the names can’t be the same…

    That’s just a fun little sample…

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  6. kim

    i have to have a diet pepsi on ice in a certain cup in the ‘cool down’ phase of Sunday afternoon.

    front seat area of my car has to be somewhat organized. will work on this while driving if necessary.

    (that’s just 2 of …. yeah… lots) :)

  7. * I am one leg/arm/half-body out IF I am sharing covers with somebody. I am so warm that others depend on me for warmth (friends sit right against me during church, etc.). No, that ain’t a good thing when you live in Texas during the summer.

    * Speaking of which, during the summer, I will take 2 to 3 showers a day.

    * I used to eat everything and anything except baked potatoes because the skin tasted yuck. Now I just coat the outside with and salt the outside and bake.

    * I don’t use conditioner or any products in my hair. I use extra virgin olive oil in my hair and beard.

  8. Thanks for the message! How do you know Jenni? I added my own quirks post. Check it out!

  9. I constantly forget that I am suppose to be somwhere at some time so all my friends know to call and remind me the day before and day of the thing we had planned on for weeks. :) It’s a problem.

  10. wow…quirks. I’m trying to think of mine…i know i have lots…just hard to think of them on the know? :)

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