Prayer Needs for South Africa…

*our team members: David Albright, James Davey, Mary Davey, David Geenens, Teresa Geenens, Austin Geenens, Katherine Karstens, Michael Karstens, Sarah Karstens, Jessi Stephenson, Toni Pruter, Bruce Murr, Michael Damman, Travis South, Keri Weddle, Stephen Niswonger, Marcie Brackeen, Crystal Renaud and David Van Dusen
*team camaraderie
*safe traveling, in-air and on the ground
*good health (reactions to drinking water, other elements)
*spiritual warfare, and our ability combat it (Ephesians 6)
*relationship-building in the village
*our translators’ ability to communicate our topics
*team’s comfortability in discussing the sensitive issues we’re presenting
*the hearts of the children and teachers we’re visiting
*technology being used to communicate back home
*financial support for team members still raising it, including myself
*team #2 traveling with us whose role is construction in the area


  1. starting tomorrow, i’ll fast from chocolate. i have never done that before. wow.

    when’s it over? i’m already nervous!!!

  2. Awesome idea! I gave up technology for lent one year and it was totally mind blowing. I’ll def. be praying for you. But I need to think of something to give up. Right now I’m working on being a better listener. So maybe something to do with that…hmmm.

  3. I thought of something yesterday. I’m going to fast on making things “about me” when I’m talking in a conversation and just focus on listening. When are you leaving again? LOL!

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