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After Weight Watchers today, I went with my friend Kathi to PetSmart because she had to get new Bamboo for her Betta Fish bowl. Well, apparently I can’t go into PetSmart without walking out with some sort of exotic new pet. And today was of no exception.

I bought a new Parakeet.

I say new because I used to have one. His name was Elvis and I had him for about 7 years until he died. And I’ve been thinking more and more about getting another one. Sure it was kinda random to get one today all of a sudden, but I considered it faint or something. I have no reason to ever go there and since I was there – the new little birdy came home with me. I’m sure Kathi thought I had lost my mind.

My bird needs a name.

Since you were all so helpful in naming my Betta Fish – I am leaving it up to you to name my new bird. The bird is a boy… but I am not necessarily glued to having a boy’s name. After all, no one can really tell, right? And he’s so pretty!



  1. congratulations on the new birdie! birds totally scare me, so i can’t come up with any names nicer than “sharp break and claws with crazy flapping wings,” so i’ll leave the naming ideas up to other people.

  2. how about you name him “TURKEY” and let him know I’ll be eating him next thanksgiving.

    you’re such a freak!!! i LOVE it.

  3. Silent J

    I would call him “Brice” just because it would be really fun to tell Brice that you have him locked in a cage…..Zip!…Zip!….Zipit!….MR

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