Random Question Friday

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Big or small, how can I pray for you?

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Here’s how you can pray for me:
Today (October 2) I’m seeing a podiatrist to make some sense of my foot pain. I wrote about my feet a few months ago when I was working out a lot and experiencing a great deal of discomfort. I got some orthotics, some supportive athletic shoes, etc. but found no relief. Eventually, I felt so defeated that I stopped working out completely. Fast forward to now, my foot pain is semi-consistent and happens with just regular walking around. I’d appreciate your prayers this afternoon, that hopefully a reason for the pain can be found, and a way to fix it. Not only has this made working out almost impossible (and my weight is returning), but it is now interfering with every day life.

Also, last March, I had a breast cancer “scare” that turned out to be a cyst. The cyst is now causing some discomfort. I will be getting a second ultrasound on Saturday (October 3) in preparation for a consultation with a general surgeon about removing the cyst (consultation is October 14). I just want to make sure whatever is decided about removing it – is the right decision and also, that when a biopsy is performed on the cyst that no cancerous cells are found.

Thank you for standing with me in prayer.


  1. Crystal, I’m praying for all the things going on. I know that something as crazy as foot issues can cause many other issues as well, such as the workout struggles.

    You can pray for me as I have started struggling with depression again. Started up about six weeks ago. And with this, temptations have been much more prevalent. Also, we are in the middle of staff transition at my church and the youth I work with are not happy about it. They are struggling to see that God is walking with them and in control in the midst of a new YM coming in.

    Thank you!!!

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