Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything


Just a random post for a snowy Friday…

At risk of appearing narcissistic (not my intention), I thought we could do a fun thing today… where you ask me a question about my life, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, ministry, quiz me with pop culture trivia… honestly, whatever you can come up with AND as long as it is of a semi-appropriate nature, I will answer it.

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything!

Oh, and I will post my answers in the comment section throughout the day/weekend.

So, be sure to check back!


  1. What’s your sign? ;)

    Seriously…what counsel do you give people who keep praying and praying and just feel like God, the “jealous lover”, just isn’t that jealous for them?

    1. Crystal Renaud

      I’m a Scorpio :)

      And to answer your more serious question, I’d ask first what are you praying for and why? And if you feel like you aren’t getting being “heard” — sit a while and just listen. Perhaps is God is speaking but you’re talking. He is certainly a jealous lover. And He doesn’t like to fight for a word in.

      Sorry, if that seems harsh. I am not big on coddling.

    1. Crystal Renaud

      Without a doubt: Sushi. But I really love Dim Sum and Pho. I am big, big, big on Asian food. But you know this.

    1. Crystal Renaud

      If I had a pet turtle… I’d name her Lucky because it would be my pure luck that I’d ever have a pet turtle.

      Other than black, I am finding a lot of pink, red and dark purples sneaking into my wardrobe lately.

    1. Crystal Renaud


      I was born in Iowa. Soon after, I moved to Minnesota and now I live in Kansas. I have one really jacked up accent.

      I would love to live in the South, like Birmingham or Atlanta. Or the other extreme… Portland. I’d love to live closer to a coast.

    1. Crystal Renaud

      I love opinions. Even when they are different than mine. The following are few blogs I read because I know I might be offended a little. In a good way. lol.

      Joshua White: loveisgreaterthan.com

      Tyler Braun: manofdepravity.com

      Matthew Paul Turner: jesusneedsnewpr.blogspot.com

      And these are my girlfriends that I love. Always good content here:

      Anne: flowerdust.net
      Jenni: jenniclayville.com
      Tam: kassota.wordpress.com
      Nicole: nicolewick.com

      1. thanks for the links–I’ll check them out:) And you’re right–it’s a good thing to be able to listen to another opinion, even if it differs from our own:)

    1. Crystal Renaud

      Well, my title is Communications Associate. My tasks include social media and web maintenance, I am project manager for our communications team, I oversee laying out our bulletin and bunch of other little odds and ends.

      Ministry Communications is a huge passion of mine… because so many churches do it so so wrong and could make such a bigger impact.

  2. Hi. I’m not really sure how I started following you… I’m sure it had something to do with a girl named LaRue in Birmingham, though. And speaking of Birmingham, what kind of socks do you wear?

    1. Crystal Renaud

      I like to wear fun socks in the winter because I wear long pants and no one can see them.

  3. Just found my way over :) and my question for you is…do you have any advice for single women in ministry? and what resources/networking/etc do you suggest?

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