i’m shifting focus

i was quite humbled by the response my last post had. from job moves, to the health of loved ones to the health of your churches, you shared your prayer needs. i considered it an absolute honor to go before our Father on your behalf.

this week off from blogging as been quite rejuvenating. it really gave me time to focus on the point of my blog.

talking to jenni (who i love & helped me with my next tattoo – coming in may) we discussed how many blogs have me listed under “ministry blogs” – next to the likes of nancy beach, shaun groves and mark batterson. when i used to see this, i’d think, “what the heck? no way”. but what i am realizing – even more so over this last week is that is exactly what i have here. a ministry. even when it is just me asking for my own prayer.

yea God!

so i am shifting my blog focus. ok, so this isn’t a HUGE focus shift, because let’s be real, i talk about prayer, missions, helping others or the like quite a bit here. but i want to be a bit more intentional and less willy-nilly.

the first addition at pinkhairedgirl.net–that will remain a constant–is a link for prayer. as a woman in ministry, with the gift of intercession, i want prayer available at all times–for everyone. i sincerely and genuinely want to pray for you.

if you have a prayer need: head over to my sidebar, click “need prayer?” and you’ll be directed to a prayer submission page. fill it out and it will be submitted directly to me.

i hope you will take advantage of this page and direct others there as well by linking to it, letting others know the opportunity for prayer is available. what we need to really begin believing is that prayer is the fuel behind any church, job, family, you name it. i would love to personally come along side you.

the other shift in focus is on to child sponsorship. have you ever considered it? anne posts about kids from time to time, but i feel our reading-base may be different enough that i might reach other people with the same message.

every week or so, i will highlight one of the kids in the Compassion International program and ask that YOU prayerfully consider sponsoring them. i don’t know if kids will get sponsored as a result of my blog, but i feel a great responsibility. after all, with 200+ unique visitors a day you never know whose heart may be stirred.

rest assured, these shifts in focus will not compromise your pinkhairedgirl.net experience. it is more of my own “oh wow” revelation about what this blog is really all about.



  1. You ARE a ministry blog :)

    I’m so proud of you for making a shift that only honors God more. You could use your readership for so many other purposes – for ways that honor only you – but you’re not.

    Thank you for being someone who prays! I’m proud to have you as a friend :)

  2. Wow. I don’t know whether to post this comment as Shaun the guy who reads your blog and gets linked to by you from time to time and likes your hair or Shaun the guy who works on behalf of Compassion International to get bloggers inspiring their readers to release kids from poverty.

    Well, both of us want to say thanks – for reminding us all to make the most of our platform, no matter where it is, and for saving lives with Compassion. Thanks.


  3. Hey Crystal! I’m a fairly new reader to your blog and I follow you on Twitter as well. I saw your Twitter this morning and felt lost, so I spent some time reading back entries of your blog. I was so blessed by the entries I read because you were so transparent and willing to open up to anyone who happened to be reading. Thanks for that! And about the prayer thing, thank you for that – I struggle with having a constant prayer life. I mean, I talk to God, but if I sit down and try to just pray, my mind wanders everywhere and I just feel so defeated. It’s encouraging to see someone praying when you don’t even know who all is reading your blog, but you’re willing to pray! Praise God! Anyway, this got really long, so I’ll stop rambling now. Just wanted to say I’m enjoying your blog.

  4. I love that you added the “Need Prayer” link. I’d love to see a future post from you about the importance of prayer. And THANK YOU for your prayers for my church. I can’t begin to tell you how much you are appreciated.

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