It’s Birthday Week at DGM!

Friday, November 19 is my birthday.

But that date has another significance in my life.

On my 19th birthday seven years ago, while attending a nice Christian concert, I confessed to a friend about my pornography addiction for the very first time.

It is not ironic.

I believe it is divine that for the rest of my life the day of my birth will commemorate the day I chose to surrender my addiction. A rebirth to into a life that would finally (truly) be lived in freedom in community and Christ.

– –

I always dedicate my birthday posts to a particular cause and ask the reader to donate to it in honor of my big day.

Well, this year is no different. But instead of simply dedicating my 26th birthday . . . I am dedicating my sobriety’s 7th birthday.

Would you please make my big day an even bigger day for someone else through donating to ONE of the follow THREE causes?

  • Help create more sobriety birthdays with a tax-deductible donation to Dirty Girls Ministries: HERE
  • Send a Christmas card through DaySpring/Compassion to a sponsorless child in Ecuador: HERE
  • Give to the work of StandOut International to help protect children from the sex trade: HERE


If you donate, leave a comment sharing which cause you donated to and you’ll be entered to WIN a copy of Anne Jackson’s “Permission to Speak Freely”. Poignant in that Anne was actually the friend I confessed to 7 years ago and the story of that day is written in her book! If you already have her book—no worries—it can make a great gift for someone else.

Enter to win by 11:59pm CST on Friday, November 19.

It’s a huge honor to share this day, in this way, with you all.


– –

I am only posting this cause people have asked. . . but PLEASE donate to one of the above organizations first. Personally, I am saving up for my own computer. With that said, gift cards to the Apple Store would be a preferred gift option if one were to want to get me something.


  1. Del Kroemer

    Hey Crystal, I donated to DGM. Have a great birthday!

  2. Happy birthday on both fronts.

    Love the christmas card idea and obviously the DGM ministry. Lets do it.

  3. conf # 2JF43969YP641835J
    Donated 26 for you and 7 for your sobriety totaling 31 to DGM. Love you Crystal, and thank you for your testimony, and the ministry. Happy Birthday/Anniversary!

  4. Jennifer

    donated away! have a great day chica. thanks for everything lately.

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